An essential element of implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) effectively is tailoring it to the organization’s specific business needs and that relies on a range of special skills and disciplines.

Most organizations require help and support to achieve a quick and successful PMO with a formal project management methodology.

The PMO consultants from MKMP can provide the support services you need to ensure you have an effective implementation strategy that fits best with your business and organizational needs.

The key elements you need to consider are:

  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Case
  • Establishing a Project Support Office
  • Developing Capability
  • Securing Buy-In
  • Tools and Techniques

Implementation Planning

    Planning is all about how you are going to make it happen. It may be obvious, but implementing a PMO should always be run as a project, backed up by an appropriate project plan. A good plan will support your organization’s implementation of PMBOK and flex around changing requirements. We believe that planning is an interactive, multi-dimensional process. A MKMP planning workshop will provide you with the core information for your project charter and planning documents.

    Business Case

    The Business case for implementing a PMO is a core component in any successful transformation

    Making the business case for an organization-wide implementation of your PMO is an essential tool for gaining buy-in at all levels.

    The benefits and risks will be different in each organization. Many organizations will share characteristics that a new approach to project management should address.

    MKMP will assist your team by facilitating a Business Case workshop or will review business cases you develop.

    Establishing a Project Support Office

    How much support can your project managers count on? How much support do they need? Who will own your tailored version of the project management methodology? How does a proactive Project Office improve performance? What would a Project Management Office look like in your organization?

    MKMP consultants will help to develop the blueprint for a Project Management Office for your organization.

    Developing Capability

    Developing resources to manage your organization’s projects should not stop at training. Development plans with coaching and mentoring for project managers aligned to the maturity of both the individual and your organization are a critical step in improving organizational performance.

    MKMP consultants can help design a development plan for project managers that combines the needs of the organization with the development opportunities of the individual. From identifying and defining core competencies through to designing and implementing development centers, we can support your organization to develop the capabilities that it needs.

    Securing Buy-In

    Getting senior managers to see the benefit of a PMO approach is an essential step on the road to successful implementation.

    But no matter how compelling the case for making the transition to a formal project management methodology, there are times when an internal voice does not reach the right audience. If stakeholder analysis tells you that a specific group is missing the message, then MKMP can help. MKMP consultants have wide experience across industry sectors and we can help you to refine key messages and deliver them with credibility.

    Tools and Techniques

    The process of implementing a formal project management methodology across your organization will necessitate a number of tools and techniques designed to address the question: Where are we up to and what needs to happen next?

    These can be simple or complex, depending on the resources at your disposal and the requirements of your organization. They can include a transition tracker that could be a whiteboard list; a simple Excel worksheet; or a new feature in your Enterprise Management Systems.

    MKMP will help you to kick-start your PMO implementation with assistance and support ranging from simple project templates and scoring methods for evaluating project briefs to tracking software that helps you manage the transition to new ways of working.